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Movie Recommendations
Monday, 20th March 2023

Recommending movies is not a very straight forward process as different people like different types of movies. So it's important to create a system where everyone can find some good titles that they have not yet watched.

The aim of our recommendation system is not finding one perfect list but rather recommending people in different ways where at least one implementation could help.

The current implementation recommends you movies in two ways:

  1. Movies from top rated directors by you.

  2. Movies from users with similar taste as yours.

To start using this feature, click on "Recommendations" in the sidebar under "Library".

I'm also currently researching on more ways to find movies and will be adding in the coming weeks if I'm fully confident that it will help everyone.

If you have ideas on how the current system can get better or how we can recommend movies in an alternate way, I would love to discuss it with you.

I also have some plans to improve the current system in the future:

  • Ability to "tune" recommendations. Internally there are a set of parameters to have the best guess to find the movies that you might like. Tuning these parameters for each user might make their recommendations more accurate.

  • Adding more ways to recommend - like finding actor-director combinations that you might like.

  • Filtering results with year, genre etc.

  • TV Show recommendations.

Thanks for using FlickFocus. Hope you like this feature addition. If there is any support needed or you just want to send feedback, you can mail us at [email protected] anytime!

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