About FlickFocus
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FlickFocus is a platform for showcasing and sharing your interests in Movies & TV shows. It lets you create an amazing profile page sharing what you have watched.

Our big focus is on providing with a UI design that is easy to use & navigate which caters to all types of users. We have both dark & light modes for you to view the website in!

Data used in FlickFocus

Movies & TV Shows Data

All of the data for Movies, TV Shows, actors, directors, cast, crew, release dates, posters, trailers & other metadata is provided by TMDb.

FlickFocus uses the TMDb API but is not endorsed or certified by TMDb.

Thanks to TMDb from FlickFocus!

We like to thank TMDb for creating a wonderful service and an API to share data on everything about Movies & TV Shows. Due to their service we were able to create FlickFocus.

Movies, TV Shows & other metadata from the wonderful & amazing TMDb.